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By Northpointe Ear, Nose, and Throat & Cosmetic Surgery Center
July 20, 2016
Category: Dermatology
Tags: facelift   plastic surgery  

Ready to discover the benefits that getting a facelift can offer you?

Your face is usually the first thing people see. If your skin looks wrinkled and saggy, then you may certainly feel self-conscious about thefacelift way you look. But facelift surgery is a great way to give your appearance a significant makeover, so you can look as young as you feel. From the office of your Lapeer, MI cosmetic surgeon Dr. Douglas Hegyi, find out more about the benefits of getting a facelift.

What issues can a facelift improve?

There are certain aesthetic problems that getting a facelift in Lapeer can address including:

  • Loss of neck and facial muscle tone
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Skin sagging
  • Loss of facial contouring
  • Deep folds and wrinkles in the face

Unlike non-invasive cosmetic procedures that can only treat minor wrinkles and provide short-term results, a facelift can take years off your face for the long-term. By talking with our Lapeer plastic surgeon, Dr. Hegyi and letting him know what you are hoping to achieve with your facelift, he can tailor your treatment to fit your needs and goals. After your facelift, you’ll enjoy smoother, firmer skin and a significantly younger appearance.

What are the types of facelift surgeries available?

While the traditional/standard facelift is the one everyone seems to know there are also mid facelifts and mini facelifts. The type of facelift that is right for you will depend on the results you are looking for.

Who is a good candidate for a facelift?

Those who are in good health and are looking to improve their physical appearance could be great candidates for facelift surgery. Of course, while this procedure is designed to smooth away wrinkles, folds and creases, and improve the overall look of your skin, keep in mind that it’s important to be realistic when it comes to your treatment goals. With that in mind, you are sure to have a smooth treatment process and see results you are happy with.

Does facelift surgery sound like the best option for you and your cosmetic needs? Find out right away by calling Northpointe Ear Nose Throat & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Lapeer. Let’s find out how we can give you the look you’ve always wanted.